10 Motivational Tips to Get Your Child Off the Sofa and Studying

When it comes to getting kids motivated to study, there is no single method that works for every child. There are many reasons why your child might be reluctant to study, such as: low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, poor concentration, a lack of interest, and procrastination. Thus it’s very important to find out why your child is not motivated to study. This can be done by understanding his or her personality type, learning the right kind of study habits, and finding a way to motivate your child to study.

Here are our 10 top tips to get your child motivated and studying again!


1. Give Children A Goal

It is said that a plan without a goal is just a wish. Children aren’t going to study unless you give them a goal to work towards.  To help your child set a plan, discuss with them achievable goals and write them down on a piece of paper. Ensure the written goals are somewhere visible so they can see what they are working towards. You can also set your child up with good habits by asking them to write daily/weekly goals using a journal.


2. Reward Your Child

If you want to encourage your child to study, then you need to offer them something in return for their hard work. The most effective way to do this is to give them a reward. Children love to receive rewards.

Rewards should be age appropriate with a clear system set in place to encourage good work. E. g. Award your child with five stars for completing their English homework which can be traded with 30 minutes of TV/game console time.

Younger children will like reward charts and older children may prefer actual money!


3. Find a good tutor/mentor

If you want to get your child to study, you have to give them the right incentive. A big part of this is finding a tutor who they like. There’s nothing more motivating for your child than having a good teacher. They will be more interested in the lesson and they will work harder to understand the topics in the lessons.

We understand how important it is for children to develop a strong rapport with a tutor which is why we offer a free trial for all new students. All tutors are highly experienced and double up as a mentor for children, providing encouragement and motivation to children.


4. Give Your Child A Sense Of Purpose

One of the most important things you can do for your child is to make sure he or she has a sense of purpose. A sense of purpose is a feeling of meaning and direction in life. It’s the feeling of having a goal and being driven to achieve it. Without a sense of purpose, your child will feel like nothing has meaning, and that’s a dangerous place to be.

You can help your child develop a sense of purpose by making sure he or she is involved in something meaningful.

  • If your child enjoys sports, sign them up for a local team so they can gain confidence and gain a sense of belonging.
  • If they like animals, volunteer at the local animal shelter. Helping animals is a wonderful way to give back and make your child feel like he or she is doing something positive.
  • If your child is interested in a career path, take him or her to visit inspiring places or people.


5. Get A Study Buddy

A study buddy is someone who will help your child study. A study buddy can be anyone, from a close friend to a family member, but it works best if it was also another child who is preparing for the same exams. Studying can be very lonely, so having a partner to work with can keep children motivated! A good study buddy will reason with you over tough questions, challenge you to extend your problem solving skills, help keep track of study habits and encourage you to persevere in tough times!


6. Teach Your Child How To Think

Children can learn a lot from their parents. Not only do they learn how to behave in society, but they also learn how to think. It’s important that your children develop a sense of self and a desire to learn. You can help your child become a more independent thinker by encouraging them to explore their interests and by reading more. The more your child reads, the more he or she will develop a love of learning. Try to expose them to a variety of books and experiences to build their curiosity and understanding of the world.


7. Give Your Child A Sense Of Control

When it comes to getting kids to study, there are three important things that parents need to know. First, you need to realize that no matter how much you try, you can’t force your children to do what they don’t want to do. Second, you need to understand that when it comes to helping your child study, you can’t just tell them to “study hard”—you need to help them actually learn to study. And finally, you need to know that while you can’t force them to study, you can give them a sense of control over their studies.

Things you can do include:

  • involving your child to create a routine which works for them
  • giving them the option to pick a tutor/class they enjoy
  • involving them with the school search so they know what they are working towards


8. Join A Class/Course

One of the best ways to motivate your child is to enrol them into a class or course.

Weekly face-to-face classes are perfect for children to maintain motivation. Our Saturday classes in Victoria are ideal for all children preparing for grammar and independent school entrance exams. In addition, our holiday courses (Summer, Easter, May half term, October half term and Christmas) provide children a place to meet new friends with a similar goal.


9. Make Learning Fun

If you want to get your kids to study, it’s important to make it fun. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology found that children who studied while playing games were more likely to remember what they learned than those who studied without any distraction. This makes sense, since you know that you can retain information better if you’re actively learning something. This is why our classes and courses are all taught by experienced tutors/teachers who understand how important it is to provide engaging and encouraging lessons. We welcome all children to join us for a trial session in our face to face or online classes.


So here we have it, 10 tips to help you child stay motivated so they can pass their exams. If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact us on info@11pluslondon.co.uk or 0203 488 1278.