10 Plus Schools List

Please check the information on the websites of the schools as there may be amendments and adjustments which have not been reflected in the table below. 


CroydonWhitgiftBoys--Stage 1: Maths and English written exams

Stage 2: Interview
- Bursary - means tested up to 100%

Academic and non-academic scholarships available - up to 50%
Kingston Kingston Grammar SchoolBoysUp to 20 (This is for a deferred entry to y7)26th November 2021
Stage 1: English and Maths online assessments

Stage 2: interview
6th Jan -7th Jan 2022Bursary - means tested up to 100%
City of LondonCity of London SchoolBoysFriday 5 November 2021Stage 1: English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning

Stage 2: interview
Stage 1: Sunday 12 December 2021

Stage 2: Mid-January 2022
Music, Academic, sports Scholarships are worth £250.

Bursary - means tested and up to 100% available
BarnetNorth London Grammar SchoolMixedEnglish and maths assessments7th March 2022N/a
WandsworthEmanuel SchoolMixed48 Friday 15th October 2021Stage 1: interview

Stage 2:Maths (1 hour)
English (1 hour)
Verbal reasoning (45 minutes)
Stage 1: Week beginning Monday 29th November

Stage 2: Saturday 4th December 2021: