2023: How did they pass the 7+,10+ and 11+ exams?

‘Is there anyone so wise as to learn from the experience of others’ Voltaire once famously said.  We could not agree more – preparing your child for an entrance exam is a demanding yet crucial affair, so why not learn from those who already gained success. We ask a few parents what they learnt from preparing their child for the 7+, 10+ or 11+ entrance exams in 2023…



As a mother, I couldn’t be prouder of my child’s achievement in passing the 11+ exams and securing a place at schools like St. Paul’s and Godolphin. Chelsea has always been in top set at school, but as we were relocating to London,  I was not sure whether she would be able to manage the standards needed for London schools. I contacted 11 Plus London and they recommended a fantastic tutor called Jane, who helped us address all of the subjects needed. Chelsea really liked working with Jane – she was very likeable and knowledgeable, and we really appreciated the coaching she gave our daughter. Chelsea had had tutors before, but Jane gave Chelsea the progress which no other tutor did before.Chelsea also completed a few mock tests with 11 Plus London which gave her valuable experience of a test environment. The report and guidance proved invaluable, providing targeted instruction to us and the tutor. We did not know what to expect, and surely did not expect Chelsea to get through to all of the schools we applied to. If I could just share one piece of advice, I would say, parents should help their child get in to a consistent routine, and to trust the tutor’s program.


When we embarked on this journey, we knew that thorough preparation was key to success. We wanted to provide Howden with the best possible resources and guidance to excel in the exams. That’s when we discovered 11 Plus London’s 5 Day Courses.

These courses proved to be incredibly useful for Howden’s revision and creative writing techniques. They offered a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover all aspects of the 11+ exams. Howden found the courses to be not only informative but also enjoyable. One aspect that stood out for us was the focus on creative writing. Howden had not always been passionate about expressing his thoughts and ideas through writing. The Summer Courses at 11 Plus London helped him enhance his writing skills and develop a unique writing style. The tutors provided valuable feedback, encouraged creativity, and taught him techniques to structure his writing effectively. This was a significant confidence boost for Howden, as he realized his potential in expressing himself through writing.

While the Summer Courses laid a solid foundation for Howden’s preparation, we were recommended an excellent tutor named Harry. Harry’s  personalized approach allowed Howden to receive targeted instruction, address his weaknesses, and gain confidence in his abilities. Howden also loved working with him and we have since recommended Harry to many of our friends.

As we reflect on Howden’s journey, we are immensely grateful for the support and guidance we received from 11 Plus London. The Summer Courses provided a strong foundation for his revision and creative writing, while the one-to-one instruction with Harry helped him address his weaknesses and build confidence in English.

Howden gained access to our first choice which was Westminster. One piece of advice to parents is to try and get the preparation started early as this made a huge difference with Howden, while we saw our friends frantically get their kids prepared.



Annie passed the 11+ tests and she is now due to attend Francis Holland Sloane Square this year. We are incredibly proud of her as she has always been behind at school. 11 Plus London was recommended to us by a good friend who had used them for their son, so Annie joined their weekly classes in Victoria. From the first session, Annie made friends with the other children and she seemed happy after every class. She also connected well with the tutors and they supported her well.

What sets 11 Plus London apart from other places we tried was the dedication and expertise of their tutors. They truly care about each student’s progress and go the extra mile to ensure their success. Unlike our previous experiences, where teaching quality was subpar, 11 Plus London provided top-notch instruction that greatly enhanced Annie’s understanding of key concepts and sharpened her problem-solving skills.

The transformation we witnessed in Annie’s confidence and abilities was truly incredible. She went from feeling uncertain and anxious about the exams to being fully prepared and ready to showcase her capabilities. The dedication and commitment of the tutors at 11 Plus London played a significant role in her progress, and we will forever be grateful for their guidance.

I wholeheartedly recommend 11 Plus London to any parent seeking exceptional 11+ preparation. Their weekly Saturday classes provide high-quality teaching and the mock exams offer valuable insights. Most importantly, the tutors genuinely care about their students’ success and provide the necessary support.

Annie’s success in passing the 11+ exams and securing places at Francis Holland is a testament to her hard work, the support of the tutors at 11 Plus London.

To all parents embarking on the 11+ journey, my advice is to choose a tutoring center that prioritizes quality teaching, personalized instruction, and genuine care for your child’s progress. Trust in your child’s abilities, provide unwavering support, and celebrate their accomplishments along the way.


When we started our 7+ journey, we knew nothing about the 7+ exams, and we stumbled on the 11 Plus London website and noticed they had weekly Saturday classes. From there, Millie joined their lessons every week for a year. She could hardly write a sentence at the start, but by the end she was able to write full stories immaculately. Her maths and reasoning also improved dramatically and she was scoring over 90% by the end of her preparation. Millie loved attending the classes and did not even want to leave! Millie managed to gain entrance in to all of the schools including City and Lady Eleanour Holles. We are very grateful for the expertise and guidance of the team. We followed all of their advice throughout and we are very pleased with the result. I recommend to parents who are preparing their child for 7 plus exams to read every night to your child. We did our best to read to Millie every night and this really helped propel her writing and vocabulary.



My son, Jack, gained a place at City for the 10+. Our elder son had attended the weekly classes a few years ago and successfully gained places in the 11+ for City and St Olave’s. But we thought we would try at 10+ for Jack to see if he could grab a spot earlier. Jack started with the weekly classes as well and he thrived in these, excelled in maths in particular, but struggled still with parts of comprehension and creative writing. Jack naturally moved over to one to one tuition with one of the tutors in the class, when his football clashed with the class times. With one to one tuition, his grades improved for English too. The whole preparation is very stressful, as sometimes your child just isn’t up to it and you have to try and convince them to continue, but it was all worth it in the end! I was pleased with 11 Plus London with my elder son and I have had another excellent experience with my youngest. Thank goodness I have no more children to prepare for the entrance exams!

To all parents who are making this journey, I encourage them to be patient with their child’s progress as it can be very slow progress at times!


Omar started in the weekly classes at the end of Year 3 and it was there he built a strong foundation. He always enjoyed attending the classes, and even though he looked at homework as a chore, he always managed to complete it for the class teachers. I really liked the open dialogue I had with Jane and Monique – they were always on the other end of the phone to answer and give advice. That would be the one piece I recommend to other parents: always communicate with the tutors and keep an open dialogue as you do have to work together. Closer to the exams, Omar was quite good but he needed some coaching in exam technique, so he joined some courses and did a few one to one sessions. I felt like because we started a little earlier, we were quite prepared and Omar did very well and he got a place in our top three schools: Hamptons, City of London and Queen Elizabeth Boys School.