About City Junior School

  1. Where is City Junior School?
  2. What is City Junior School known for?
  3. Is City Junior School a good school?
  4. What are the results of City Junior School?

Fees, scholarships and bursaries for City Junior School


  1. How much are the fees for City Junior School?
  2. Does City Junior School offer scholarships?
  3. How hard is it to gain admission to City Junior School?

7+ exams for City Junior School

  1. What is the 7+ application process for City Junior School?
  2. How can I prepare my child for the 7+ City Junior School?


About City Junior School


Where is City Junior School?

City Junior School is situated in the heart of London’s financial district, near iconic landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England.

The postal address is:

City Junior School
4 Gray’s Inn Place

4 Gray’s Inn Place was previously home to The City Law School, and so has served as a place of learning for some time.

There are several transportation options available for parents and students to reach the school:

The City of London Junior School is conveniently serviced by several bus routes, including buses 8, 17, 46, 59, 133. These nearby bus routes provide additional transportation options for reaching the school, enhancing accessibility for students, parents, and visitors.

Notably, City of London Junior School is only a short walk away from several London Underground stations, including Chancery Lane, Farringdon, Russell Square, and Holborn station. It is served by several lines, including Piccadilly, Central, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, and Circle lines. This extensive network of Underground lines ensures that the school is easily reachable from various parts of London, offering convenience to both students and visitors.

School Bus:
The school organises a network of buses to bring pupils to school each week day. There are currently two school bus routes, running from Finchley and Kilburn. City London Junior may add additional routes in the future, should there be sufficient demand from families living in other parts of London.

Cycling and Walking:
Walking, cycling, or scooting to the City of London Junior School is viable and eco-friendly. Moreover, the school facilitates these sustainable transportation options by providing bike and scooter racks, making it convenient for students and parents to choose these active modes of commuting.


What is City Junior School known for?

  1. Seamless Educational Progression: City Junior School is well-known as the junior counterpart to City Senior School, ensuring a smooth educational journey for its students. Children who attend City Junior School naturally progress to City Boys or City Girls School, creating a seamless transition in their academic path.
  2. Balancing Support and Freedom:The school’s educational philosophy is grounded in providing robust support to help children reach their full learning potential while simultaneously granting them the freedom to enjoy their childhood to the fullest.
  3. Well-Rounded and Rigorous Education: At City Junior School, pupils receive a comprehensive and rigorous education that prepares them for a successful future. The thoughtfully designed curriculum fosters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, both within and outside the classroom.
  4. Cultivating Curiosity and Innovation: The school actively promotes a culture of curiosity, risk-taking, and creative thinking among students. Technology is integrated judiciously to enhance the learning experience, and sports and the arts play a prominent role in school life.
  5. Values of Kindness and Compassion: Kindness and compassion are integral values modeled and taught throughout the school community. The happiness and well-being of each child remain at the core of all endeavors, guiding the approach to education.

Is City Junior School a good school?

City Junior School is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and offers a seamless educational progression to City Boys or City Girls School. With a student-teacher ratio of approximately 25:1 and a non-streamed approach, children receive suitable support and the freedom to enjoy their childhood. The curriculum covers a wide array of subjects, promoting creativity, critical thinking, and holistic growth.

Beyond academics, City Junior School places a strong emphasis on co-curricular activities. Students can choose from a variety of after-school clubs, including STEM, sports, arts, and more. These activities not only develop skills but also foster teamwork, leadership, and friendships. Drama, music, house events, and pupil leadership roles further enrich the cultural and social fabric of the school.

City Junior School believes in a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom. With a focus on sports, students have four sports lessons per week and access to sports facilities within and outside the school. The school leverages its London location to enhance learning experiences through visits to museums, galleries, exhibitions, and guest speakers. Overall, City Junior School is dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals, fostering a love for learning, and cultivating diverse skills and interests in its students.

What are the results of City Junior School?

While there are no specific standardized test results available for students at City Junior School, it’s noteworthy that attending this school facilitates a seamless transition to the senior school, eliminating the need for an 11+ test. City of London Girls’ and Boys’ Schools have consistently achieved impressive rankings, typically placing within the top 10 to 15 schools in the UK. These rankings are supported by reputable sources including The Guardian, The Times, and The Telegraph. This track record reflects the high academic standards and excellence associated with City Junior School’s senior counterparts.

Fees, scholarships and bursaries

How much are the fees for City Junior School?

In an academic year, the school calendar is made up of three terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer.

The fees for the 2023/24 academic year are £7,842 per term. This includes the cost of lunch.

Optional extras

Individual music lessons: £288 per term
Breakfast club: £5 per day
After school supervision: £5 per day

Does City Junior School offer bursaries or scholarships?

City Junior School offers means-tested bursaries to academically gifted pupils who may not have the financial means to attend an independent school. These bursaries aim to cover 100% of a student’s tuition fees as well as ancillary expenses. They are primarily available to pupils entering Year 3 (7+), and eligibility is determined based on academic entrance exams and a means test of the parents’ income and assets.

It’s important to note that bursaries are highly competitive, and the school cannot consider applications for bursaries in cases of occasional placements or for overseas pupils. Additionally, applicants must be U.K. residents and U.K. nationals or have the right to permanent U.K. residence. Bursary recipients are expected to be permanently resident within London or within an easy daily commuting distance to the school.

The eligibility criteria for bursaries focus on families in significant financial need. For example, families with a joint after-tax income of £55,000 per annum or less, along with limited assets, may be eligible for a full 100% bursary. Conversely, families with substantial income, assets, or investments exceeding a certain threshold may not meet the criteria for a bursary. These criteria serve as guidance for parents considering bursary applications.

Recipients of full fee remission (100% Bursary) may also receive grants to cover school uniform and travel costs. Bursary placements are contingent on successful completion of academic requirements, interviews, and the student’s continued dedication and behavior at the school. The bursary scheme is made possible through contributions from benefactors, parents, the City of London Corporation, and other donors. Selected bursary recipients may be expected to maintain a connection with donors and provide progress updates. An annual financial review is also required, and continued bursary support depends on the outcome of this review.

How hard is it to gain admission to City Junior School?

Gaining admission to City Junior School is a highly competitive and demanding process, often requiring extensive preparation and dedication from prospective students. The school’s stringent admission standards encompass not only academic proficiency but also a well-rounded approach, seeking individuals who can excel academically while contributing positively to the school community. Families considering admission should be prepared for assessments, interviews, and evaluations as part of the rigorous application process.

7+ exams for City Junior School

What is the admission process for 7+ City Junior School?


The first stage of assessments are usually held in December. Children will come to the school to sit papers in mathematics, reading comprehension and creative writing.

The mathematics paper will cover topics taught in Year 1 and Year 2 and will include a mixture of calculations and problem-solving questions. The comprehension paper will involve reading a short passage and answering questions in several formats including multiple choice and full sentences. For the creative writing activity, pupils will be given a visual image and an opening sentence and they will be asked to continue the story. Before each assessment, teachers explain the activity clearly and plenty of time is allocated for each task.


Pupils who have been successful in the first round of assessments will be invited back for the second part of the assessment process in January.

This will involve some practical group tasks and individual conversations with each child. In this round the school is looking for learning dispositions such as persistence, flexibility, motivation, problem-solving and questioning. Children will also be observed on how pupils interact with others and parents will be asked to provide more information on their child by completing a short online form.


Once pupils have been shortlisted for the second round of assessments. The school will contact the student’s current school for a reference. Some schools prefer not to provide references, and in these circumstances parents will have to provide a copy of their child’s most recent school report.


How can I prepare my child for the 7+ City Junior School School exams?

With over 12 years of experience helping numerous children prepare for City Junior School, we provide a range of valuable resources and services including classes, intensive courses, one-on-one tuition, as well as a comprehensive collection of exam papers designed to closely mimic the format of City Junior School exams.

Mock exams are an integral part of the preparation process, and we emphasize their importance by recommending their inclusion in a child’s study routine right from the beginning. We firmly believe that every mock exam, regardless of the outcome, serves as a valuable tool for learning, adapting, and honing examination techniques.


7+ Maths Mock Test A
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7+ English Mock Test A
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The information provided about City Junior School was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything.