Could you save money on tuition?

At 11 Plus London, we are always trying to find ways to help ensure tuition is accessible for all children. Tuition not only helps with preparing for important exams at school, but aids with children’s confidence in learning so they can reach their full potential. When successful adults reminisce about their school days, they often remember a fantastic tutor who managed to help them dig their scores from the pits to miraculous A* and 100%. A tutor can be a lifeline at the toughest times of test taking.

However, great tutors come at a cost. The good news is, you may be able to receive some help and get up to 85% of your tuition fees paid for with grants and tax relief options. This includes classes, courses, holiday camps, mock tests and one to one tuition

Since 11 Plus London is Ofsted registered, parents and carers of our students can benefit from using government childcare payment schemes to pay for our classes and courses, such as:

  • Childcare vouchers
  • Universal credits
  • Tax-Free childcare
  • Childcare payment grant

Here is a breakdown of how to check if you are eligible to pay using one of these methods:


Childcare Vouchers

Although new applicants for childcare vouchers stopped in October 2018, those who were eligible before this stop date can still use the vouchers for approved Ofsted registered childcare services. 

All you need to do to use your vouchers with us is to go to the voucher provider website and search for our company name and address. Currently, we are registered with the following:

  • Kiddivoucher
  • Edenred
  • Computershare
  • Care-4

If we are not registered with the voucher company you use, please let us know and we will endeavour to register with them.


Universal Credits

Universal credit is now an umbrella term for the majority of government-related benefits, including tax credits. This means, even if you are not unemployed, you may be able to apply for certain parts of universal credit payments. One of which is the childcare element. 

Many parents can get reimbursement for up to 80% of childcare cost fees for one child. There is a limit on the amount you can claim each month and a cap for more than one child, so check the website to see their terms and conditions. 

If you are eligible, go to your universal credit account and register us as one of your childcare providers, using our company details and Ofsted number. You will generally need to make a payment first, then show your proof of payment to reclaim the costs each month.


Tax-Free Childcare Account

Those who register for a tax-free childcare account can get up to £500 every 3 months (up to £2000 a year) for each of their children to help with the costs of childcare. If your child is registered as disabled, the amount is increased. 

This means for every £8 you pay into your account, the government will also pay £2 to use towards childcare. As long as one parent/carer is in paid work and earning at least the national minimum/living wage or not over £100,000 in a tax year (regardless if you are on maternity, sick leave, etc) you can register for an account. 


Childcare Payment Grants

Those studying in full-time education, and with children under 15 can access a childcare grant to help with any childcare costs. The grant does not need to be repaid, and you can claim up to 85% of costs – caps are applied once the amount hits £183.75 a week for one child, and 2 or more children are £305.03.

Those working or studying in the NHS can claim specific childcare cost grants through the NHS bursary. So please check to see what is available. 


Things to keep in mind

You are usually not allowed to use more than one of the above child care payment schemes at the same time, so please check which would be best for you and your family’s financial situation. 

Some of these schemes are also unavailable for online tuition, and are only accessible for face-to-face tuition, thus we recommend you check with the appropriate parties beforehand.



To check eligibility, and to find out more please visit the following websites or call the relevant department:

Universal Credit: childcare guide – GOV.UK (

Tax-Free Childcare – GOV.UK (

Childcare Grant: Eligibility – GOV.UK (

Student sign in | Childcare Grant Payment Service (

Check what help you could get with childcare costs – GOV.UK (


If you are eligible or claiming any of the above, please feel free to contact us to discuss further details.