FREE Online games and resources for 7+

Preparing young learners for the 7+ exams can seem daunting due to their early stage of development. To ensure a solid academic foundation, many parents and educators start nurturing these skills as soon as children begin primary school. Recognizing that traditional study methods can quickly become monotonous and challenging for younger students, it’s essential to integrate more engaging ways of learning. Here are some of the best free online games and resources that can help make learning fun and effective for students gearing up for the 7+ exams.

1. Interactive Reading Apps

Since strong reading skills are crucial for 7+ exam success, incorporating apps that make reading interactive and enjoyable is key. These apps and games offer a plethora of activities designed to enhance phonics and reading comprehension through fun storytelling and interactive games. Using bright colors, friendly characters, and engaging narratives, your child will be learning and having fun at the same time.



Balloon Phonics: Three-Letter Words CVC Game (

Spooky Sounds (

Poop Deck Pirates – mobile friendly (

Phoneme Patterns (

Letters and Sounds, Literacy, Key Stage 1 – Interactive Whiteboard Resources – Topmarks



Learn to Read with Phonics | Starfall Education


2. Math Games for Young Minds

Arithmetic is another pillar of the 7+ exams, and there are fantastic free resources available to help children master these concepts through play. The following games provide a fun way to practise basic addition, subtraction, and problem-solving skills in a visually stimulating and interactive environment. These games are designed to make math less intimidating and more accessible for young learners.



Blast Off – Mental Maths for 5 to 8 Year Olds (

Helicopter Rescue – Mental Maths for 4 to 8 Year Olds (

Chopper Squad More or Less – Mental Maths Game – 5 to 7 Year Olds (

Place Value Basketball – Dienes Game for 5 to 8 Year Olds (

Coconut Ordering – Comparing Numbers, Prices, Mass, Length and Capacity (

Chinese Dragon Game – Ordering and Sequencing Numbers (

Mental Maths Train – A Four Operations Game (



Coins Game for 4-10 year olds (

Doorway Cashing In (

Price Lists – 5-8 year olds – Topmarks

Coin Calculator – mobile friendly (

Swift Shop (



2D Shape Reveal (

Shape Patterns (

Symmetry Matching – Reflective Symmetry Game (

2D Shapes Sorting using Carroll Diagrams (

Turning Man (



Measuring in Centimetres (

Teaching Clock (


3. Puzzle and Logic Games

Developing logical thinking and problem-solving skills can also be fun with games such as those found on PBS Kids and Funbrain, where children can play a variety of games that challenge them to think critically and solve puzzles. These activities not only prepare them for the types of questions they might encounter in the exams but also improve their overall cognitive abilities.

Thinking of a Number – 5-8 year olds – Topmarks

Bead Numbers (

4. Writing and Spelling Tools

To build writing and spelling skills, platforms like StoryJumper and Turtle Diary offer creative ways to practice these essential skills. Children can create their own stories, which helps in practicing sentence structure, grammar, and spelling in a more dynamic and creative setting than traditional worksheets offer.


Games –

Tell a T-Rex, (Silly Questions) – mobile friendly (

Phonic Finder (



Sky Writer – mobile friendly (

Dropping In (

Call of the Jungle (

Bella’s Burrow (

Sentence Substitution – mobile friendly (

Writing Runway (


5. Educational Videos

Educational websites such as Khan Academy Kids and National Geographic Kids offer free videos that cover a range of subjects from science to social studies, making learning about the world interesting and engaging. These resources help expand a child’s knowledge base beyond just reading and math.


Story Time

Storyteller videos: Traditional Tales – Oxford Owl for Home

KS1 English: Jack and the Beanstalk – Episode 1 – BBC Teach

Story Time – Stories for kids – CBeebies – BBC

English KS1: Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock – Part 1 – BBC Teach

Storyline Online – Home

The lucky seed | LearnEnglish Kids (


KS1 Science – BBC Bitesize


Why Use Games and Apps for 7+ Preparation?

The benefits of using online games and apps for preparing young children for exams include:

  • Engagement: Interactive games keep learning engaging and fun, helping children to maintain concentration and interest.
  • Accessibility: Many of these resources are free and accessible from various devices, making learning possible anytime and anywhere.
  • Variety: Different types of games cater to various learning styles and preferences, ensuring that all children can find something that resonates with their way of learning.


Incorporating these free online games and resources into your child’s preparation strategy for the 7+ exams can transform their learning experience from tedious to thrilling. By utilising  educational technologies, you not only enhance their learning capabilities but also instill a love for acquiring new knowledge. This varied approach not only prepares them for their upcoming exams but also builds a strong academic foundation for their future educational endeavors.