Getting your child started with musical instruments

It is a well known fact that learning a musical instrument can have a positive effect on the minds of people of all ages. This is especially true of children – the earlier they start, the greater the positive effects will be on their processing ability and learning in general. On top of this, children who have achieved a degree of proficiency in an instrument gain a significant advantage when applying to top schools, with music scholarships also available for many institutions.

Nonetheless, starting a musical career can be an expensive process with tutors commanding high fees and schools not coming cheap either. We have compiled a list of some of the best apps you can download to a mobile device (tablet preferably), which give excellent introductions to the world of understanding and playing music.

This collection is featured in Google Play App Store (searching in the Apple App Store will bring up a range of alternatives if app is not listed). Using these apps below, kids will get to explore the world of music and sound and learn the basics of how to play different musical instruments such as piano, guitar and flute. The first five apps are targeted at a younger audience, starting at pre-school. The last five apps can be used for older children. Remember, the earlier you start, the more your kids will benefit!


1- Toddler Sing and Play 3

‘Designed for ages 2+, this game helps your children learn popular songs in a fun and creative way. Each song features an interactive game scene with lyrics.’


2- 123 Kids Fun Music

‘’Beautiful and simple music application for toddlers and preschool kids, which inspires and encourages kids to create own music. Great introduction to explore the world of music and sounds.


3- Kids Fun Animal Piano Free

‘App Family is proud to introduce “Animal Piano”, bringing you laughter and fun with 3 hilarious pianos, beautiful HD graphics and high-quality sounds. You play by pressing directly on the cheerfully animated characters. As you play, random effects change the piano keys for variation and fun! ’


4- Cute Nursery Rhymes & Songs

‘The cutest nursery rhymes for toddlers to sing-along! With lots of interactive things and sounds. These are hand-drawn and painted to appeal to babies and little kids. ’


5- Baby Zoo Piano for Toddlers

‘The Baby Zoo Piano for Toddlers app is an excellent educational music piano games for kids….’


6- Piano for Kids

‘This kid piano game is specially designed for kids to play and learn for fun. It will be great for music learning and exploration. ‘


7- Jimi Guitar Lite

‘Authentic sounds, a free mode to play like on a real guitar, a chord mode to play without risking a false note, a song mode to learn the chords of your favorite songs, a powerful song search engine, a tuner, a capo… and more.
Whether you know or not how to play guitar, Jimi Guitar will provide you hours of entertainment.’


8- Toddlers Magic Flute

‘The Flute sound makes you calm. Colorful shapes and amazing visual effects are very interesting for all players. Discover the musician that is inside of you. All the children deserves being a musician.’


9- Astro Boy Piano Lite

‘Kids have fun and learn as they explore the wonderful world of music with Atom, the mighty Astro Boy! The famous robot and superhero character from Japanese animation and manga now has his own educational music app, free!’


10- Guitar Riff Pro

‘ Learn To Play Your Favorite Riffs on the Electric Guitar. It offers over 600 Songs to learn from different eras and genres…’



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