View our NVR quick guides, created to help children understand the processes involved when tackling every type of NVR question.

You can also download our complete guide booklet below the videos, which goes into more detail. It also contains practice questions to get you started on the right foot.

Like Shapes / Most Like

NVR Type 1 and Type 7 questions - learn how to identify the most similar shape in a group or sequence.

Odd one out

NVR Type 2 questions - spot the odd-one-out from a series of similar shapes.


NVR Type 3 questions - finding the correct image by rotating across range of degrees.

Code Breaker

NVR Type 4 questions - crack the code to come up with the right answer.

Missing Sequence

NVR Type 5 questions - there is a sequence. of shapes. One is missing. Learn how to work it out easily.

Missing Square

NVR Type 6 questions - From groups of four or nine squares, one has been removed. Find out how to replace it correctly from the options given.


NVR Type 8 questions - Which of the five 2D nets can be folded to make the 3D cube? Here's how to do it.

NVR Practice Tests

Mock Exams are a perfect way to understand your child's ability to handle NVR questions with speed and accuracy.