Summer intensive course

5 Day 11+ Summer Intensive Course (FACE TO FACE)

Attending our Summer Intensive Course will allow your child to develop their skills and exam technique so they are fully equipped to tackle the 11 plus entrance examinations. It covers all key aspects of the exam in an encouraging and engaging manner, covering a vast syllabus in just 5 days.


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  • Who is it for?
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What is it?

What is the 5 Day 11 Plus Summer Course?

The Summer Intensive Course is specifically tailored to improve your child’s grades in the run-up to their upcoming 11 Plus entrance examinations. It is suited to students who have started preparation late and are required to cover the curriculum in a short period of time, as well as for those who have worked through the year and wish to hone their skills and achieve higher marks in their exams. 

It’s no secret that a child’s academics tend to falter over the long summer break, for this reason it’s important they revisit the most commonly featured subjects of the exam to fill any remaining gaps in knowledge and strengthen their understanding of those already learned. The week has lessons based on the four key elements of your child’s 11 plus admissions process: Maths, English, Reasoning (verbal/non-verbal) and Interview Skills. Our Maths and English syllabus includes specialised topics such as creative comprehension, thinking skills and puzzles.

We ensure that all important topics and areas are covered throughout the week and detailed feedback on your child is recorded as the course progresses. Our interview sessions teach your child what to expect on the day of the interview, how to tackle more challenging interview questions and how to confidently take part in group interviews.

The course is limited in class size which allows our tutors valuable one-to-one time to personalise the course teachings to each child’s individual needs and abilities. Classwork is provided along with homework for each topic covered so your child can continue their learning at home. This enables them to revise what was taught in class or practice topics our tutors have identified as sticking points before taking their exams.


How is the course structured?

The Summer Intensive Course takes place over 5 days (Monday to Friday) and provides your child with 5.5 hours a day of intensive tuition. The classes are interactive and encouraging, with a team of expert tutors who keep children engaged and excited throughout the week. 

The course begins and ends with mock examinations conducted in timed test conditions. This gives the opportunity for your child to become more comfortable with the format of their upcoming exams, as well as allowing us insight into their current strengths/weaknesses. These assessments enable us to tailor your child’s week, as well as providing detailed feedback and advice to parents upon completion of the course.

Here are some example topics of what the Summer holiday courses cover:

  • Understanding algebraic language and using algebraic formulas to solve problems (maths)
  • Mastering the relationship between fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios (maths)
  • Finding the area, perimeter and volume of common shapes (maths)
  • Extracting information from tables, charts, graphs and pie charts (maths)
  • Solving complex worded questions and problems in the fastest methods (maths and puzzles)
  • Comprehension – answering to score top marks (English)
  • Improving creative writing to gain maximum marks (English)
  • Analysis and problems solving (Creative Comprehension, maths and reasoning)
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar revision (English)
  • Vocabulary (English and verbal-reasoning)
  • Logical deduction skills (Verbal reasoning)
  • Spatial awareness (Non-verbal reasoning and maths)
  • Identifying similarities between shapes and words (verbal and non-verbal reasoning)
  • Mathematical concepts such as symmetry, rotation and reflection (maths and non-verbal reasoning)
  • Interview skills and exam technique


(Parents will receive a full timetable a week before the course start date)

Children are welcome to join us for multiple weeks. Each week’s course will be different, so children who have attended our courses previously will extend their learning and will not be repeating the same content.


Who is it for?

Who is the course for?

This course is recommended for students preparing for the 11 Plus entrance exams provided by the top independent and grammar schools in London.

We have personally helped students gain acceptance into schools such as:

  • St. Paul’s School
  • Notting Hill and Ealing
  • Latymer
  • North London Consortium
  • Dulwich College
  • Westminster
  • Wetherby
  • Dulwich College
  • City of London School
  • King’s College School
  • St. Swithun’s
  • Putney High
  • Wilson’s School
  • Wallington Grammar School
  • Tiffin School
  • and much more…

Our success in 9+, 10+ and 11+ preparation over the past few years can be found below:

2023: 10+ and 11+ success

2022: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success

2021: 11+ success

2020: 9+. 10+ and 11+ success

2019: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success

2018: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success




When and where?

When and where is the course delivered?


Location: Westminster City School, 55 Palace Street, SW1E 5HJ (Around 5-10 minutes walk from Victoria station)


Week 1 (22nd July – 26th July 2024)

Week 2 (29th July- 2nd August 2024)

Week 3 (19th August – 23rd August 2024)

Week 4 (26th August – 30th August 2024)

Time: 10.00am – 3.30pm

Price: £840 for the full course / £150 deposit to secure a place


We also offer a similar course for students who would benefit from online instruction. You can find our Summer ONLINE course here.

We run several courses throughout the year: February half-termEaster holidays, May half termSummer holidays, October half term and Christmas. Each course differs and focuses on a different set of skill sets that will greatly benefit your child in exams and in later life. We recommend your child repeat our 11+ courses at different dates in order to cover everything necessary for the 11+ exams.


Why Choose us?

11 Plus London has helped over 800 children in the past 12 years; you can be assured your child will receive:

– tried and tested classes and courses proven to improve children’s chances of success

– excellent teaching with small group sizes – ensuring maximal attention for each child

– experienced DBS tutors who are able to help your child identify their weaknesses, play on their strengths and make notable improvements

– honest, personalised feedback throughout the process to assist you in your entrance exam journey.



“Jane, Andrew and the team were amazing and very helpful throughout the process. My brother has been offered a place at St Paul’s, CLS, Dulwich College and Wilson’s Grammar School. He got his motivation from the whole team specially Andrew, Louis and Jane ! Thank you!”


“Really grateful to the team. My youngest attended courses for 11 plus prep and then we took up their online tuition to finish up with her and my son doing GCSEs next summer. I wasn’t too keen on online to begin with but it certainly does the trick. We have got places for our top three choices and feel very confident about the pending GCSE results. Very happy, highly recommended.”


“We are very happy with Jane and Andrew who are both professional and enthusiastic. My DS has passed all paper exams and were invited for interviews by all applied schools including SPB and CLS.”


“Jane and Andrew are very responsible and extremely helpful. Their tutoring is very effective and personalized. We sincerely appreciate their help. My son got offers from top London schools including CLS. Highly recommended!”


“Excellent Saturday school and tuition. Run by friendly, professional people with many years of experience with the schooling systems (grammars and fee paying private schools). My son attended from age 8 to 10 when he sat the 11+ and passed Kent grammar exams with flying colours. I recommend 11PlusLondon very highly and plan to use them again for my younger son.”