Custom courses

Custom courses

Not sure what your child needs? We can help you create a personalised course with an experienced one to one tutor focusing on exactly what your child needs, whether they are preparing for the 7+, 11+ or GCSE exams- our custom courses are ideal for students at any stage of their exam preparation.


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  • Who is it for?
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What is it?

What are Custom Courses?

Custom courses are personalised courses made entirely for your child so your child gains maximum benefit from their tuition. Suitable for all ages from year 2 to year 11 and in any subject, for any exam. We create a course based on your requirements/ your child’s current ability, and provide an experienced tutor/teacher to instruct your child on a one to one basis.

Our ‘Custom courses’ are based on three main steps which is summarised as ACT: Assess, Customise and Teach.

ASSESS: This is our first step where we aim to understand your child’s goals and requirements. For example: Are they preparing for an exam? Is it for a particular school? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Once we have established your objective, we will then  move on to our second step.

CUSTOMISE: In our second step, your child will complete the necessary assessments so we can gain the insight needed to develop their custom course. A plan of what topics will be studied,  how many sessions/weeks is recommended and a quotation of your personalised plan will be discussed with you. Our average course is 4-8 sessions completed over 4-6 weeks. For example, your child who is 10, and preparing for their upcoming 11+ exams completes an assessment in English and maths for us. From the assessment, we find your child has a weakness in angles, fractions and creative writing. We create a 6 week plan covering all of her weaker areas highlighted and a quote of £390 for the 6 sessions of one to one tutoring plus £95 for the assessment.

TEACH: In our final step, an experienced tutor is matched to your child who will strive to ensure your child is happy and engaged throughout. In addition, we discuss whether you would like the sessions to be delivered face to face at our Saturday school or online at a day/time convenient to both tutor and student. The tutor follows the personalised plan, and homework is given to students after each session and subsequently marked.  At the end of the course, the tutor will then provide your child’s personalised feedback and recommendations.


Why a Custom Course?

  • STRUCTURED AND PERSONALISED  – With custom courses, the 3 ACT stages (assess, customise and teach) provide a clear outlook for parents so they can gauge their child’s weaknesses, strengths and the progress they have made. This structured approach is incredibly useful for students who would benefit from gaining confidence on their unique weaknesses, for those who would like to stay ahead in preparation for their exams, and for children who would benefit from revising at the end of their exam journey.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY AGE – Because the courses are completely customised to your child’s needs, children of all ages and in preparation of any exams would benefit from this custom course.
  • TOP TUTORS Our experienced tutors and teachers are matched to your child’s personality and unique goals to ensure maximum benefit in the teaching sessions. Most of our tutors and teachers have an average experience of 8+ years, making them highly qualified in pedagogy, subject knowledge and the exam procedures.
  • HIGH QUALITY RESOURCES – Our tutors have a variety of excellent resources at hand – in almost every subject, giving your child exactly what they need to succeed at their level. Only the highest quality resources are used to enrich the learning experience enabling us to fully prepare and motivate students for exam preparation.
  • FLEXIBILITY – We offer online sessions and face to face sessions in our Victoria venue. We know that each child is unique and many work better face to face rather than online which is why we offer both options for our students.



Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 from £65 from £80
11 Plus, Key Stage 3 from £65 from £80
Key Stage 4, GCSE, iGCSE from £75 from £90
A-level, IB from £85 from £100
Assessment and course creation £95

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Who is it for?

Who are these custom courses for?

Our custom courses are for children of all ages preparing for any exams: from 7+ candidates who need 10 introductory sessions of creative writing lessons, to 11+ children who would like 8 sessions of focus topics on spatial reasoning to GCSE students in need of a few booster sessions to help revise atomic structure and the periodic table for Chemistry. Ideal for any child of any age at any stage of their preparation!

You can find some of our students’ success over the past few years.

2023: 10+ and 11+ success

2022: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success

2021: 11+ success

2020: 9+. 10+ and 11+ success

2019: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success

2018: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success



When and where?

Where and when are sessions held?

ONLINE: Online sessions are held at a time convenient to both the student and the tutor on either Zoom or Google Meet. The online option is ideal for students who would like flexible timing and who can focus well in front of a screen.

FACE TO FACE: For those who prefer face to face tuition, we offer Saturday morning time slots from 9.30am – 1.30pm in our Victoria centre (Westminster City School, London, SW1E 5HJ).




Why Choose us?

11 Plus London has helped over 800 children in the past 12 years; you can be assured your child will receive:

– tried and tested classes and courses proven to improve children’s chances of success

– excellent teaching with small group sizes – ensuring maximal attention for each child

– experienced teachers who are able to help your child identify their weaknesses, play on their strengths and make notable improvements

– honest, personalised feedback throughout the process to assist you in your entrance exam journey.


Check out our verified reviews on Google.


“Really good support for preparing for exams. They really helped my daughter prepare and boosted her confidence at just the right time.”


“Friendly & supportive tutors. My son excelled at 11plus exams, thanks to the AAA team at 11Plus London.”


“Highly recommend the tutors here, especially Jane, Andrew and Harry. They are professional and very dedicated to their students. There support is very helpful and I am so grateful to have found them.”


“I received A level Spanish tuition classes and I would highly recommend the classes to anyone. I was able to achieve a good grade and I am currently studying Spanish at university. They tailor the teaching according to your specific goals and ensure that improvements are made throughout. They are such friendly, professional and highly experienced tutors who make learning so much easier.”


“The ultimate tuition centre to boost your child’s skills. My daughter achieved grade 9 in both her Maths and English GCSEs and I really do believe it wouldn’t have happened without the expert help from the 11 Plus London Team building her foundation in year 6. My other daughter was accepted into all the secondary schools she applied to, some with scholarship offers; again, not possible without the tuition classes at the centre. Highly recommend! The tutors are all truly experienced when it comes to these life-changing exams and they really know where to work on and on what. Hats off to the team.”