The news of school closures has left nearly all parents more than a little concerned: How can we ensure our children continue learning in the midst of all this confusion?

Do not fear – a solution is already here! We are now providing weekly online classes for children aged 8-16 in Maths, English, Science and a variety of languages. Each week will cover a new topic and follows the national curriculum closely. This means that children will not fall behind and can continue to sharpen their skills in the most popular and important subjects. We have been conducting online classes in these subjects and levels for over 5 years and have a wealth of experience and resources that can be beamed directly into your home. Our team of Online Super Tutors are waiting to help your child to learn in an engaging and highly effective manner, utilising a wide range of techniques, materials and online tools. This will not only ensure that they don’t fall behind, but also they will get ahead of the learning curve using our unique programs.
Summer School: Science classes online


Our Summer school Science classes will cover a variety of topics in the national curriculum syllabus. Lessons are designed to catch students up and to showcase how to use science to explore the world.

Summer school: SCIENCE
Beat Cov-id 19 wth our online Summer School: Maths


Use this Summer to compensate those missed Maths lessons! Our Summer Mathematics classes follow the national curriculum syllabus and will deepen student’s understanding of critical mathematical concepts.

Summer school: MATHS
Beat Cov-id 19 with our online Summer School: English classes


Take the opportunity this Summer to improve creative writing, grammar and comprehension with our Summer school English classes.

Summer school: ENGLISH
Summer school: French classes


Bonjour! Sharpen language skills over the Summer with our wonderful weekly lessons in French.

Summer school: French
Summer School: Spansh classes for all ages


Hola! Develop and strengthen Spanish with our dynamic tutors in our weekly classes over the Summer.

Summer school: Spanish
Summer school: Spanish classes for all ages


Ciao! Improve or pick up Italian with our wonderful tutors in our weekly classes over the Summer.

Summer school: Italian
Mandarin Online Classes


Ni Hao! Learn one of the most spoken languages in the world with us over the Summer: Mandarin.

Summer school: Mandarin
Summer School for all ages: English EFL

English as a foreign language

Hello! Need some help learning English as a foreign language? Our Summer school weekly classes will help you improve.

Summer school: English EFL