Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All parents/guardians (Clients) must ensure that they read the following Terms and Conditions before they submit the Registration Form. Please note that once your registration has been accepted by 11 Plus London, the following Terms and Conditions will apply.


Tuition Services

Providing tuition courses as described on our website and as agreed and indicated on the Registration Forms. For the avoidance of doubt, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to make applications to various schools. NB: For the purpose of one-to one Tuition Services, 11 Plus London is responsible for sourcing a recommended, suitable Tutor – but is not responsible for the content of lessons nor teaching methods of these Tuition Services. The Client may request and/or suggest required or relevant class topics and materials, thus the service is bespoke and tailored to specific needs. All Tutors are self-employed and once a suitable placement has been made, the Tutor enters a Tutoring Agreement with the Client (parent/guardian/student) to provide the specific Tuition Services as highlighted prior. In such cases, 11 Plus London acts solely as an agent on behalf of the Tutor and the Client.


Commencing Tuition

A child may only attend classes once 11 Plus London has received the Reservation Fee (as defined in the ‘Fees/Payment Method’ section of our website) and once the completed on-line Registration Form has been accepted.


Course Fees

– Course fees must be paid monthly by standing order only as defined under the relevant ‘Courses’ pages on our website and under the ‘Fees/Payment Method’ section of the website ‘Registration Form’.

– Course fees include all class tuition, class books, exam papers, assessments, revision courses, parent’s evenings, summer exams and reports. Homework books are not included within the course fees.

– Fees are payable monthly in advance by standing order only. Monthly standing order payments need to be set up to reach our account by the 4th each month. Any standing order payments received after the 6th of the month may be subject to a late payment charge of £45.

– 11 Plus London reserves the right to cancel your contract and stop your child’s tuition with immediate effect should a monthly payment remain outstanding.


Venue location and class times are shown in the Classes information on our website. 11 Plus London reserves the right to make any changes to venue locations, course times and/or class structure.


Restriction of Liability

11 Plus London must be notified by email of any absences through illness or family commitments.

  • Missed Lessons / Intensives

At the discretion of 11 Plus London and subject to availability, if a child misses a lesson due to illness or family commitments, we will try and offer your child a lesson with a another group /venue (subject to availability). Requests for a replacement lesson must be made in writing by email stating the reason your child cannot make their usual lesson. No refunds will be given for any missed lessons.

  • Missed Mock Exam Sessions/Courses

We are unable to refund or offer an alternative course/session for your child to replace any missed Mock Exam Course sessions as defined on our website. All exam papers are strictly kept for the use of 11 Plus London only and cannot be issued to parents for children to do at home.

  • Missed One-to-one Class Sessions

Cancellation notice from the Client must be given to 11 Plus London with a minimum of 24 hours. The Client can request to rearrange One-to-one Sessions with the Tutor and it is at the Tutor’s discretion to rearrange the One-to-one Session for another time. If a One-to-one Session cannot be rearranged and has been cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, the Client will still be charged for the One-to-one Session and the Tutor is entitled to receive 100% of the Hourly Fee.

  • Delayed Courses

11 Plus London will make every effort to complete the services on time, however, if there is a delay due to any act or event beyond our reasonable control (included Covd-19 related issues) which prevents 11 Plus London from fulfilling their services or using the tuition venue, then neither 11 Plus London nor its representatives are liable. This includes, but is not limited to traffic congestion, public transport delays, strikes and natural disasters. In such an event, 11 Plus London will contact you as soon as is reasonably possible to notify you.

Whilst it is hoped that your child will improve his/her skills, 11 Plus London cannot guarantee that its tuition services will enable your child to pass the relevant exams or achieve entrance to their desired schools.


Course Materials

All course materials and exam papers are subject to copyright©. Photocopying or any other means of electronic reproduction are strictly prohibited without prior written permission from 11 Plus London. All exam papers are strictly kept for the use of 11 Plus London only and cannot be issued to parents for children to do at home.

Cancellation of Tuition Services

– One full calendar month’s written notice is required to cancel our Tuition Services. The balance of the fees is calculated to the end of the month following the month in which notice was received by 11 Plus London (e.g. if notice was received on 10th June, payment will be required for June and the whole of July).

– 11 Plus London may cancel the contract at any time providing you with one full calendar month in writing. Any advance payment you have made for the Tuition Services beyond the expiry of 11 Plus London’s notice will be refunded to you.

– 11 Plus London reserves the right to cancel your contract and stop your child’s tuition with immediate effect should a monthly payment remain outstanding.

– The reservation fee will be retained in the event of cancellation from the course less than 48 hours before course commencement. 11 Plus London reserves the right to charge an additional fee of £45 for administrating any cancellation and finding a replacement pupil.

Pupil Arrival/Collection

All parents/guardians must arrange to bring/collect their child to/from the classroom. You must not allow any child to leave without a responsible adult whose name has been specified on the Registration Form. If there is an emergency and an unspecified adult needs to collect your child, please let us know beforehand or leave a message on the emergency mobile. Parents need to stay with their child until the lesson starts. Children must not be left unattended outside classrooms or in the school grounds.


Food and Drink in Classes

In the interests of health and safety, no food, drinks or chewing gum are allowed into lessons, unless permitted and specified by the venue on a course-by-course basis. Parents should ensure that their child has been sufficiently fed and watered prior to the lesson, and should always have water with them to hydrate during class sessions. Water is provided at all venues.


Further General Points

Your privacy is important to us. We will not give your personal data to any third party and we will use the personal information you give to us to:

  1. Provide the tuition services
  2. Process your payment for these services and
  3. Inform you about similar products or services that we provide.

If you have any concerns, please contact us