Why mock exams are more important than you think

Preparing for an exam requires lots of hard work and time. We pour our efforts into organising our weeks and months into structured revision routines and practising exam questions. But there is one thing we can not completely prepare for… the exam environment

Mock exams are often overlooked in exam preparation.  But for the 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams, mock tests are a crucial part of exam success. Here is why…


Children familiarise the exam environment

For many children and students, the exam hall is a daunting place – the slow ticking of the clocks, the frantic scribbling of other students and the uncomfortable nervousness of knowing your future is dependent on this one moment is extremely frightening. Giving children the opportunity to practise working under pressure in an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar faces is highly useful in preparing children for success in the entrance exams.


Children learn how to pace themselves

Many children struggle with pacing themselves in exams. They may work too fast, and make careless mistakes during the test. Or they may work too slow, and struggle to complete the paper completely. Mock exams are very useful in giving children the practice needed to learn time management for exam success.


You can learn and respond to children’s weaker topics

Exams are a great way to assess which topics children remember or have forgotten.   These practice exams will help decipher weaker subjects so you can respond appropriately with extra revision. Our mock exams provide you with statistics on your child’s tests. We give you personalised recommendations including how we can support your child to improve on their weaknesses and schools which we believe your child will be more likely to achieve success.


Confidence and concentration

Exams are nerve-wrecking and mock exams provide students a feel of the real exams. It gives students the opportunity to overcome uncomfortable emotions like nervousness and anxiety. In addition, mock tests can also build children’s confidence and their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. It takes time and practice to build the confidence and concentration to perform well under pressure.



Overall, mock tests reduce pre-exam nerves so that children become more relaxed for the real exams. Science has even proved this! This is why mock exams are more important than we think for exam success.