Why Homework is Essential for the 11+ Exams: Unveiling the Power of Practice

Preparing for the 11+ exams can be a challenging journey for both children and parents. Amidst the preparation process, the significance of homework should not be underestimated. Some parents believe that without practice, their child can compete in the competitive 11+ entrance exams. In this blog post, we will explore the ample evidence supporting the importance of homework for 11+ exam success. Let’s uncover the power of practice and its impact on your child’s performance.


  1. Reinforcing Concepts and Skills:

Homework serves as a valuable tool for reinforcing concepts and skills learned in the classroom. It provides an opportunity for children to practice what they have been taught, solidify their understanding, and develop mastery over key subjects. According to a study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, consistent homework completion has shown a positive correlation with academic achievement.


  1. Enhancing Time Management and Discipline:

The 11+ exams demand strong time management and discipline from students. Regular homework assignments encourage children to manage their time effectively, prioritize tasks, and develop a sense of responsibility. These skills are not only crucial for success in the exams but also for their future academic pursuits and beyond.


  1. Identifying Weak Areas:

Homework provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to identify areas where a child may need additional support. By reviewing completed assignments, parents can gain insights into their child’s strengths and weaknesses. This valuable feedback allows for targeted interventions, personalized tutoring, or extra practice in specific areas.


  1. Building Confidence and Reducing Exam Anxiety:

Completing homework assignments consistently helps children build confidence in their abilities. As they tackle challenging problems and see their progress over time, their self-esteem and belief in their own capabilities grow. This increased confidence translates into reduced exam anxiety, allowing children to perform to their full potential.


  1. Developing Independent Learning Skills:

Homework encourages independent learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. When children engage with homework tasks on their own, they develop the ability to apply their knowledge creatively, think analytically, and find solutions independently. These skills are essential not only for the 11+ exams but also for higher education and future professional endeavors.



Homework is a vital component of 11+ exam preparation, offering numerous benefits for your child’s academic progress and overall development. Through consistent practice, reinforcement of concepts, and the development of essential skills, homework plays a crucial role in preparing children for success in the 11+ exams and beyond. Embrace the power of practice, support your child in their homework endeavors, and watch them flourish!

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