Autumn School: Science


Our Autumn school Science classes will cover a variety of topics in the national curriculum syllabus. Lessons are designed to catch students up and to showcase how to use science to explore the world.

Autumn school: SCIENCE
Autumn School Maths


Get back to school with our Autumn School: Maths! Our Autumn Mathematics classes follow the national curriculum syllabus and will deepen student’s understanding of critical mathematical concepts.

Autumn school: MATHS
Autumn School English


Take the opportunity this Autumn to improve creative writing, grammar and comprehension with our Summer school English classes.

Autumn school: ENGLISH
Autumn School: French


Bonjour! Sharpen language skills over the Summer with our wonderful weekly lessons in French.

Autumn school: French
Autumn School Spanish


Hola! Develop and strengthen Spanish with our dynamic tutors in our weekly classes over the Summer.

Autumn school: Spanish
Autumn School: Italian


Ciao! Improve or pick up Italian with our wonderful tutors in our weekly classes over the Summer.

Autumn school: Italian
Autumn School: chinese mandarin

Chinese Mandarin

Ni Hao! Learn one of the most spoken languages in the world with us over the Summer: Mandarin.

Autumn school: Chinese Mandarin
Autumn School: English EFL

English EFL

Hello! Need some help learning English as a foreign language? Our Summer school weekly classes will help you improve.

Modern Languages