One to One Tuition: all subjects and for all ages

One to One Tuition

Our expert online super tutors are availabe to assist students on a one to one basis in all subjects for all ages.


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  • Who is it for?
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What is it?

Why choose one-to-one tuition?

One to one tuition has two main advantages:

  1. Students receive the full attention of the the tutor thus tutors can respond completely to student’s weaknesses and adjust the difficulty of classwork/homework each lesson. This responsive approach is almost impossible in group lessons. From our experience, one to one tuition is the quickest and the most effective way to boost a child’s scores/levels before an exam. Some evidence indicates that one to one tuition can be as effective as delivering approximately five additional months’ progress on average.
  2. Pupils usually grow in confidence in a one to one setting. Tutors are able to build a bond with the pupil, offer appropriate praise, prompt self-correction and tailor lessons to suit student’s personality. We have found one to one tuition is incredibly effective for children who are usually shy in group settings as it creates the perfect emotional and motivational context for learning.


Why choose online tuition?

Online tuition is the future of education. With the latest advances in technology, students and teachers can communicate as if they are in the same room, with almost all the resources you find in a conventional classroom. For more than eight years we have tried and tested online services with students of all ages and have received rave reviews thanks to the flexibility and ease-of-use. Here are the top five reasons why this option may be perfect for you and your child:

  • TOP TUTORS – Our online teachers are called Online Super Tutors and have a success rate of over 95%. They have an average experience of 10 years preparing students for the 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 11+ and other exams including GCSE and A-Level subjects. Our Super tutors are experts tutors who are hard to find and once tried, all parents want to keep in their contact book. Our tutors are skilled at teaching a variety of subjects at several levels, making them popular in demand on an international scale.
  • BEST TECHNOLOGY – We use the best technology to teach online with interactive whiteboards and video calling via Skype, Zoom and Google Meet. Some lessons can be recorded, materials can be easily shared online and homework can even be given. We try to stay at the forefront of the technology at our disposal and we make sure to keep using the latest innovations to ensure the virtual classroom environment beats the experience of even a traditional classroom setting. Our students always enjoy our tutors’ lessons and feedback shows that they prefer this format to normal face-to-face classes.
  • HIGH QUALITY RESOURCES – Our tutors have a variety of excellent resources at hand – in almost every subject, giving your child exactly what they need to succeed at their level. Only the highest quality resources are used to enrich the learning experience enabling us to fully prepare and motivate students for exam preparation.
  • FLEXIBILITY – From flexible classes to intensive scheduled courses, we have you covered. Pick a time that suits you and take the lesson abroad or from the comfort of your own home. All you need to get started is broadband internet connection and a computer, laptop or iPad. The software we use for classes is probably already on your device or can be download in a few minutes. Everything else, leave to us!
  • PARENT-TEACHER PARTNERSHIP– We understand that the key to a student’s success is an effective and informed relationship between parent, student and educator. As a result, we believe that it is vital to keep parents abreast of the situation throughout their courses and firmly believe in giving parents honest and valuable feedback. If parents know how their child is progressing when they study online, then they are going to be able to give the right kind of support to them, as well as help us to do an even better job on our part. For this reason, we offer private conferences to our student’s parents. Using live chat tools, the parents and tutor can sit down to discuss their child’s progress, homework, strengths and weaknesses and anything else that may be relevant.


Our prices are inclusive of VAT:

Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 from £65
11 Plus, Key Stage 3 from £65
Key Stage 4, GCSE, iGCSE from £70
A-level, IB from £80
Group classes/online classes Please contact us for more information

Prices may vary depending on the tutor’s experience and qualifications.

Who is it for?

Who are these classes for?

Online one to one tuition is available for all students of all ages at any stage of their education. Our success in 9+, 10+ and 11+ preparation over the past few years can be found below:

2023: 10+ and 11+ success

2022: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success

2021: 11+ success

2020: 9+. 10+ and 11+ success

2019: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success

2018: 9+, 10+ and 11+ success



When and where?

Where are lessons held?

Lessons are held online via video calling with Google Meet or Zoom, and we also make use of an online interactive whiteboard alongside. This tried and tested method is very easy to use – thanks to our years of experience working with students internationally, we now have a track record of effective online tuition with children of all ages.

Advances in digital technology have been empowering for the educational sphere and children are usually more engaged and get more attention from our online classes than they would anywhere else (including school!)


When are our classes held?

Our one to one classes are held at anytime throughout the week. We match your availability to our tutor’s free time!

Why Choose us?

11 Plus London has helped over 800 children in the past 12 years; you can be assured your child will receive:

– tried and tested classes and courses proven to improve children’s chances of success

– excellent teaching with small group sizes – ensuring maximal attention for each child

– experienced teachers who are able to help your child identify their weaknesses, play on their strengths and make notable improvements

– honest, personalised feedback throughout the process to assist you in your entrance exam journey.


Check out our verified reviews on Google.


“Really good support for preparing for exams. They really helped my daughter prepare and boosted her confidence at just the right time.”


My son was struggling in English, particularly creative writing. We had tried a few other classes and got 1-2-1 tuition from some friends. Someone recommended 11 Plus London to us so we gave it a go and we are very happy we did. He now enjoys creative writing and he has managed to get a place into City of London Boys and Westminster. Thank you for your support and for helping him improve in English”


“Highly recommend the tutors here, especially Jane, Andrew and Harry. They are professional and very dedicated to their students. There support is very helpful and I am so grateful to have found them.”


“I received A level Spanish tuition classes and I would highly recommend the classes to anyone. I was able to achieve a good grade and I am currently studying Spanish at university. They tailor the teaching according to your specific goals and ensure that improvements are made throughout. They are such friendly, professional and highly experienced tutors who make learning so much easier.”


“The ultimate tuition centre to boost your child’s skills. My daughter achieved grade 9 in both her Maths and English GCSEs and I really do believe it wouldn’t have happened without the expert help from the 11 Plus London Team building her foundation in year 6. My other daughter was accepted into all the secondary schools she applied to, some with scholarship offers; again, not possible without the tuition classes at the centre. Highly recommend! The tutors are all truly experienced when it comes to these life-changing exams and they really know where to work on and on what. Hats off to the team.”